Shanti Das

Mental Health Advocate

Shanti is an accomplished entertainment industry veteran, speaker, author, and philanthropist who founded her own nonprofit foundation, Silence the Shame, Inc., to advocate for mental health.

Shanti Das is an accomplished entertainment industry veteran, speaker, author, and Philanthropist.

Shanti worked in the entertainment business for over 25 years. Her music industry career (from intern to Executive Vice President) included positions at Capitol Records, LaFace Records, Columbia Records, Sony Urban Music and Universal Motown where she worked directly with some of music’s top talent like OutKast, Usher, Prince, TLC, Toni Braxton, Erykah Badu, and more.

As a result of Shanti’s extensive community work in the 2000 decade, she decided to establish her very own nonprofit, The Hip-Hop Professional Foundation, Inc. The foundation was rebranded under the name Silence the Shame, Inc., the mental health movement that lead the way since 2016.
Shanti has suffered from depression/anxiety over the years and has also experienced love ones affected with mental health disorders.

Silence the Shame, Inc has received global awareness and has become a commonly used hashtag to normalize the conversation in America. Shanti’s foundation curates community conversations, creates content and broadens awareness & education around mental health and wellness.
She recently self-published her book, Silencing MY Shame. Shanti shares her journey with her own emotional health and wellness of how she turned her pain and struggles into passion to start a global movement! In 2019, Shanti was named a Top Changemaker in the World(#7 out of 100) by a UK publication called The Big Issue!

In addition to running her nonprofit, Shanti speaks at companies (Warner Chappell Publishing, National Geographic, SB Projects, Translation, NBA, Warner Media, Warner Music Group and more) and universities sharing her inspiring message of mental health awareness.

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